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Robot coupe discs
your Robot-Coupe vegetable preparation machine can be fitted with no less than 52 different discs for slicing, grating and dicing any fruit or vegetable you wish. They can even turn vegetables such as carrots, courgettes and celeriac into 2x10 mm ribbon pasta for steaming, shred vegetables for terrines, cut cucumber into 5x5x5 mm dice for taboullehs or cut fruit salad ingredients or couscous vegetables into 25x25x25 mm dice.

Robotcoupe Discs Collection


Dice Grid Cleaning Kit
Part no: 135111
Manufacturer: Robot Coupe
Fits on Models: CL30, DISC CLEANING KIT 39881, R101 A, R201, R201 Ultra, R201 Ultra E, R201E, R211, R211 Ultra, R301, R301 Ultra, R302, R302 Plus, R401, R402, R402 V V
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