Robot Coupe parts BX4V Blixer

BX4V Blixer

BX4V Blixer

Parts for Robot Coupe "BX4V Blixer" Model
Variable Speed, 120 Volt, 1 Phase, 60HZ., 1 HP.
370 - 3450 RPM, 12 Amps

Click here to Download BX4V Blixer Manual

Download BX4V Blixer Manual


motor support
Part no: 298722
Manufacturer: Robot Coupe
Fits on Models: Blixer 5, Blixer 5V, Blixer 6, Blixer 6V, BX4 BlixerA, BX4V Blixer, BX6 Blixer, BX6V Blixer, R4B Series A, R4B Series D, R4C Series A, R4C Series D, R4N Series A, R4N Series D, R4N, R4X Series A, R4X Series D, R4X, R4Y Series A, R4Y, R502E, R502X, R502y, R602E, R602V E, R602Y, R6B Series A, R6B Series D, R6C Series A, R6C Series D, R6N Series A, R6N SERIES D, R6N, R6V, R6VB Series A, R6VB Series D, R6VC Series A, R6VN Series A, R6VN Series D, R6VN, R6X (toggle switch on front), R6X Series D, R6X, R6Y Series A, R6Y
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